Make your Business More Profitable

Add Revenue Without Investment

Becoming a Trailguard dealer is the easiest way to add revenue without investing capital or stocking inventory. No other program offers dealers more opportunity, more commission, or more support.

Integrates Directly Into Your Existing Business

Trailguard provides dealers a unique opportunity to offer their customers the most comprehensive roadside assistance program available. This program was developed specifically for those who pull trailers and haul horses or livestock. Each of your customers can benefit from Trailguard’s services.

Build Residual Income

Trailguard dealers enjoy the benefits of added monthly revenue and establishing a recurring revenue stream as customers re-enroll year after year. Become a dealer today to start taking advantage of this unlimited opportunity.

Easy to Implement

Trailguard has developed a unique program which can be rolled out in minutes. There is no capital, inventory, or software required to get you started.

Become a Trailguard Dealer!

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