Avoid a Trailer Scramble

  Rebecca Gimenez PhD   As you haul your horse, he must constantly adjust his body weight to keep his balance, working his muscles hard. He may even have to scramble to stay on his feet. Here, I’ll explain how your horse balances in your moving trailer. Then I’ll give you eight ways to help […]

26 Horse Trailer Hacks

Clean, Organize, And Maintain Your Trailer With These 26 Handy Tips And Tricks From Horse-Hauling Pros.   September 26, 2023 ⎯ Abigail Boatwright   We’ve all stared into our horse trailers, dismayed by messy tack rooms, dirty compartments, filthy floors, and maintenance issues. It’s easy to close the doors and walk away, thinking, “I’ll tackle it […]

Prepare Your Horse for a Long Haul

Before You Hit The Road For A Lengthy Trip, Get Answers To The 10 Questions I’m Most Often Asked About Trailering Horses Long Distances. Barb Crabbe, DVM You just learned about your big promotion—greater responsibility, more money…and a move across the country. Or maybe you learned that you qualified for your first championship show…which requires […]

Trailer Safety Do’s & Don’ts

Are you savvy about trailer safety? Check these do’s and don’ts for key reminders, then follow them for peace of mind whenever your horse is in or around your trailer. DO make a thorough check of your entire hauling rig before each trip, examining the hitch, tires (wear and pressure), lights, brakes, and especially the floor […]

Blanket Blunders

Learn how horse blankets can cause more harm than good, and what you can do to avoid common blanketing mistakes. The young girl taking care of the geriatric mare while her owner was out of town had called my emergency pager in a panic. “Misty has a terrible wound on her withers,” she gasped through […]

Here’s How You Can Manage Arthritis This Winter

This article is part of our Joint and Hoof Health Awareness Month brought to you by Cosequin Joint Health Supplements. As we creep into winter, the temperatures begin to drop and your older horse starts moving a little bit slower. You can tell his arthritis is bothering him, and you know it’s time to adjust how […]

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