Roadside Assistance for Horse People

Just the thought of being stranded especially with animals is frightening.  Trailguard has the resources and experience to make sure all of your travels are a success.

Avoid the Unexpected

We have all been stranded.  In an emergency so much happens so fast.  Trailguard will give you peace knowing that you have prepared for the worst and that you will avoid being stranded for long periods of time or even worse alone.

Eliminate Worry

There is so much that can go wrong when travelling.  Trailguard will give you the confidence you need to travel worry free knowing help is just a phone call away in any situation.

Make every Trip a Success

By enrolling in Trailguard you reduce the stress and expense of emergencies and ensure every trip is a success.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Enroll today!

  • Complete coverage for your vehicle and your trailer
  • Vehicle/trailer return if you become ill or injured away from home
  • Coverage for trainers and those compensated for hauling/showing
  • Coverage regardless of what you drive or who’s driving your vehicle
  • Emergency boarding/cargo storage assistance for your livestock or anything else you are hauling
  • Concierge service to get you the best deal on hotels, flights, and car rentals
  • Dedicated personal assistant to find anything
  • Complete lockout coverage available for your home, vehicle, and trailer
  • Tire and fluid delivery if you have a flat or run out of fuel
  • Emergency jumpstart service if your battery goes dead
Trail Guard