1. What is the difference between Trailguard and other programs?

While we cannot speak to the specifics of every program, there are many things which our members say set us apart from other programs. One is that we handle all calls in-house instead of through a generic call center. Trailguard has a knowledgable staff who has personal experience with towing and hauling.  Our staff understands the urgency and complexity our members face when stranded-especially when hauling horses and livestock. 

2. Who is covered with my membership?

Your Trailguard membership covers yourself, your spouse and any unmarried, dependent children under the age of 25 in any vehicle/trailer you operate. Your Trailguard membership also covers anyone operating your vehicle/trailer.

3. What is the towing limit of my membership?

Trailguard wants to ensure that every member has access to quality and warrantable repairs.  We will arrange, and cover the cost, to have your vehicle towed as far as required to get you to the nearest manufacturer’s warranty provider.  In most cases, this is a factory dealership. 

4. How many times a year can we use our membership?

Trailguard never limits usage of benefits unless it has been determined that a member has failed to address a continuing issue or if  there has been fraudulent or abusive use of the membership benefits. 

5. Where is my livestock taken if I become stranded?

In the event a member has a mechanical failure requiring the tow vehicle to be in the shop overnight, and the member is less than 100 miles from home, the trailer and livestock/contents would be returned to the members home. If the member is more than 100 miles from home and the tow vehicle is in the shop overnight, the trailer and livestock/contents would be transported to a local boarding facility until the repairs are completed or on to the member’s destination if required under the terms and conditions of the program.

6. What areas are covered by Trailguard?

As a Trailguard member, you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the continental United States.

7. When do my benefits go into effect?

When you enroll in Trailguard, there is a one time 30 day waiting period for your benefits to go into effect on a one year membership. The waiting period is reduced to 14 days on a five year membership and the waiting period is reduced to 48 hours on a lifetime membership. 

8. Can I use my membership during my waiting period?

At any time during your initial waiting period, if you become stranded or need assistance you can always call Trailguard for help, however all cost incurred for services required will be the sole responsibility of the member. 

9. Why is there a waiting period?

Due to the comprehensive coverage provided with your Trailguard membership, there have been instances where some have taken advantage of the program waiting to enroll until they were stranded and needing thousands of dollars of assistance so we were forced to establish waiting periods to ensure the future of the program and the quality of our services. 

10. Will my rates go up every year?

Trailguard guarantees members they will never have a rate increase as long as their membership remains in effect.

11. Can I cancel my membership?

Trailguard offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

12. How do I contact Trailguard for service?

You can call Trailguard anytime Toll Free at 844-40-GUARD (844-404-8273).

13. Does Trailguard only cover my tow vehicle and trailer?

Your Trailguard membership will cover any properly licensed and registered, street legal vehicle you operate including cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s and trailers.