The best service ever

“The best service ever. Thank you Trailguard for taking care of us!! Recommending to all my friends.”

— Rebecca Sue Knollman  Cincinnati, OH

Highly recommend their services to any and all

“Thank you Trailguard. I want to post to let everyone know I used your services this past week. Coming down Donner pass I lost one of my duals. Before I could get stopped to recover, it someone stopped, picked up the new tire and rim ( just put new tires on two weeks ago )and took off with it. Now I had more than one problem. Loaded with Bulls on the freeway offramp at 6 in the morning, 8 busted studs, no tire, no rim, and stranded. I called Trailguard. I have only been a member two months or so. Jeff got on the phone and got the service guys on the way. Parts were hard to find because the dealer’s computer systems were down and they could not cross check other dealer inventories. Trailguard called me 5 or 6 times throughout this process making sure I was getting the help I needed. It took several hours to get back on the road. It took longer than what Jeff thought it should have so Trailgaurd paid half of the service call, going above and beyond their stated responsibility. I would (and have) highly recommend their services to any and all that hook up a trailer and head down the road. Thanks Again, Marty Mickelson”

— Marty Mickelson  Lewiston, UT

What a smooth experience

“My problems were solved when I purchased a TrailGuard membership! What a smooth experience! Trailguard Rocks!”

— Joyce Chartier Florida

Their service is above and beyond what I expected

“Wow all I can say is wow. Trailguard is awesome. Helped me and my kids out in a tough spot. Their service is above and beyond what I expected. Thanks again”

— Krikitt Smith  Queens Creek, AZ

I am so glad that we are Trailguard lifetime members

“Last weekend I ran into unexpected vehicle and trailer problems. I am so glad that we are Trailguard lifetime members. I called Trailguard and the had me schedule for pick up and tow. I ended up not needing them because I had a back up plan. Not only were they there for me they called me yesterday and said they were going to reimburse me for my back up plan. Wow!!! These guys called me……..No one has ever chased me down to give me money before. Thanks Trailguard!”

— Shonda Carter  Fort Worth, TX

Love Trailguard

“Let me Tell YOU about TRAILGUARD! … Just signed up with them not too long ago….. Here I am in a SMALL town in the Mountains of TN… My BRAKE LINE is BUSTED….just 5 minutes before declining a mountain… (YES Counting my BLESSINGS and being thankful).. I Call TRAILGUARD… 15-20 Minutes later… I have someone there to pick up my TRAILER with Horse inside…AND my Truck! Truck goes to SHOP… they Completely Replace My Brake line…and I am back on the Road within 1 1/2 HOURS!!! No worries and All is SAFE and Trouble Free… I will HIGHLY Recommend TRAILGUARD… They wanted to know exactly where i was so they could get the CLOSEST help to me and my Critters… LOVE TRAILGUARD… they are A++++++ Service! Thank YOU TrailGuard!”

— Tina Mae Weber  Missouri

Trailguard is the BEST

“Jeff and staff – Just a big thank you for all the help and support you provided this weekend during our crisis and break down in Andrews, TX on our rodeo rig. Trailguard is the BEST !”

— John Hutto  D’Hannis, TX

I'd definitely recommend them

“Just had to use our Trailguard service for the first time while we were stranded in the middle of the Arizona desert and I am thoroughly impressed. We blew a tire on our trailer with horse in tow and although we had a spare, the tire tread had wrapped around the axle and we needed help removing it. Rick, from Trailguard, called me 3 or 4 times to check up on us while we waited for the tire service and even called the company to redirect them when I mistakenly gave the wrong location (whoops). He was even apologetic about it when it was clearly my fault. After having a difficult experience with another provider this was a HUGE relief! I’d definitely recommend them!”

— Mary Kitzmiller Texas

Thank you

“Thank you for rescuing us!”

— Rebecca Sue Knollman Ohio

Thank you for the great help

“I just want to say a big thank you to Rick and everyone at Trailguard! While traveling out of state we needed to replace some trailer tires to make it safely home. Trailguard found some tire shops in the area, provided us with contact info, addresses etc. It changed my stress level from 100% to about 0! Thank you for the great help!”

— Rachel Burley NY

Your customer service far exceeds your outline of services

‎”On behalf of Mark Rafacz Reining Horses, my husband and I want to thank you for going above and beyond for us in the past 3 months. You truly took a weight off of our shoulders by advocating for us to the repair company that has been working on our truck and trailer since our accident in May. Your customer service far exceeds your outline of services provided! Trailguard is truly one in a million! Thanks again! You have customers for life!!”

— Shannon Rafacz Florida

Fabulous, Fast, Professional, and Reliable Service

‎”Just had to use you guys! I also feel the need for added insurance, but rarely do I have to use it. So thankful for you guys! FABULOUS, FAST, PROFESSIONAL, AND RELIABLE SERVICE! CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!”

— Brenda Bennie Rose Texas

God is Good and Trailguard is his Angels

“Well this last week has been one for the books, all I am going to say is I am so humbled by God’s hand in my life, so blessed to have Trailguard insurance, and for the husband that I have. Our motorhome broke down again last Saturday, which I didn’t post on fb. However God is good. We are now officially on our way home with our 2 new fillies. Motorhome is still in the shop. We have been taken care of by Trailguard insurance. They have been amazing! We are now in a rental truck until we get home. We will turn around and head back for the motorhome when we get back from vacation…. again God is Good. And Trailguard is his Angels. Can’t thank all of you enough! ! !”

— Brenda Bennie Rose Texas

Highly recommended in my book

“Broke down hauling 2 horse today in WI on a Sunday afternoon. We called trailguard and they continually stayed in contact while finding us a hauler. In the end we were able to get our truck running the same time the hauler showed up but Trailguard is highly recommend in my book!”

— Christie Tooley

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