Peace of Mind

Unlimited Vehicle Towing

From a Porsche to a Peterbuilt, Trailguard will provide the proper equipment to tow you to the nearest dealership that services your specific vehicle. No matter how far, no matter what you drive, we will deliver. No Out Of Pocket Expenses!

Trailer Coverage

Trailguard will provide a tow vehicle to get your trailer back home, to your destination, or to a local boarding facility while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired. Your Trailer Goes Where You Need It, Not With Your Truck! Unless That’s What You Want!

Emergency Boarding

If you choose to wait for your vehicle to be repaired, Trailguard will assist you in locating safe facilities to board your animals until you can continue on your trip. No More Leaving Your Animals Trailered and Waiting For Your Vehicle!



24-Hour Personal Assistant

Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or that hard-to-find item, Trailguard’s 24-hour personal assistants will do the leg work in locating your item and making sure you get the best deal possible. Concierge for your everyday life.

Travel Assistance

Trailguard’s team will go to work for you, locating the best deals on flights, rental cars, hotels, or anything else you need to make your next trip successful. No More Long Waits On Hold Or Countless Hours Planning Your Trip!

Complete Coverage

When you are a member of Trailguard, your benefits are available to you 24 hours a day, in your own vehicle, any vehicle you drive, and for anyone who drives your vehicle. No More Concerns About Coverage!



The Best Benefits

Trailguard has carefully provided its members with a broad group of services that save time, money, and provide peace of mind every day. No More Spending Your Money On Something You Never Use!

The Fastest Service

Regardless of what you’re driving, your location, or the time of day, Trailguard will locate the properly equipped provider who will reach you the fastest. No More Long Waits To Be Rescued!

The Most Reliable

Trailguard’s services are provided in-house and around-the-clock by people who understand the complexity and urgency of your needs. No More Hassles Or Having To Scramble For Help Again!

Trail Guard