Ready For The Snow To Fly? Use A Pre-Winter Checklist To Prepare Everything From Your Horse To The Barn For Cold Weather.

Use a pre-winter checklist to prepare everything from your horse to the barn for cold weather.

 As horse owners, you know that winter can be challenging for your horses, your equipment, and your patience. If you have a senior horse, live in a location that gets intense winter weather, or if you just want to keep everything in its place during a few months off, read on. You can use a pre-winter checklist to ensure that you have every aspect covered before the cold sets in. 

[Finish that fencing project before winter]

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Before the winter season starts, thoroughly clean and condition your tack to prevent damage and maintain its longevity. 


Pre-winterizing your barn ensures a healthy environment for your horse. This is especially important
given that they’re more likely to spend more time indoors. Some horse-related ailments such as scratches or heaves can also be reduced with some environmental care.



Regular veterinary care is essential to keeping your horse healthy throughout the winter season. some basic checks and maintenance ensure that your horse goes into winter in good condition.

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